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Mahakama-Rama was created in 16 weeks with a team of 4 students at UCF. I was the lead designer and lead programmer on the project and it was created in Unity3D.

The game was created with the intentions of being simple to play to put on Arcade Cabinets and for children using Limbitless Prosthetic arms to enjoy. If you would like to see a more personalized page and download link feel free to visit this link.

My Contributions

  • Created 3 different food items for players to throw
  • Collaborated with team member to create enemy spawning
  • Implemented all UI including lives, time limit, and score
  • Implemented all animations and art
  • Created a health and lives system, along with game over conditions
  • Created player movement and various sound effects

Mahakama-Rama sets the players off to play as Mahakama the Gorilla, an extremely popular zoo animal. Tired of his adoring fans and wanting to return home to Africa, Mahakama breaks out of his enclosure by distracting his fans with various types of food.

With such a small team my job was to program most of the game along with designing most of it as well as implementing most of the assets seen in game. I held scrum meetings throughout the experience and collaborated with my teammates to create design and art documentation.

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