Scrap was created in 16 weeks with a team of 14 students at UCF. I was a designer and programmer on the project and it was created in Unreal 4. The game was successfully greenlit on Steam Greenlight and if you would like to see our Steam page feel free to follow this link.

My Contributions

  • Iterative Design of Levels with 4 players in mind
  • Whiteboxed, Greyboxed, and Playtested levels
  • Collaborated with members for Weapon Balance
  • Collaborated with members for Design Documentation
  • Scripted Environmental Hazards and Traps
  • Collaborated with members to create Enemy Spawning
  • Scripted various weapon projectiles

Scrap takes place in an alternate future after the “tech apocalypse”, where robots ran rampant and the remaining humans known as “Scrappers” fight for their lives.  Or as our Steam page puts it-

“Scrap is a free to play, 3D, action, twin stick, shooter that offers single player and local co-op experiences. Play as a Scrapper, fighting your way through a multitude of robot foes, utilizing tactical teamwork and makeshift weapons”.

My main tasks on the project revolved around designing levels, implementing objects, and environmental hazards. It was also my second experience having daily scrums and it was an enlightening experience.


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