Jaunty Jousting

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Jounty Jousting was created in 12 weeks with a team of 16 students at UCF. I was a designer and programmer on the project and it was created in Unity3D.

Jounty Jousting is set in a fictional medieval world, where the player must build his reputation in each of the three towns medieval tournaments by participating in mini-games and the main event- jousting. There are 40+ Collectible Weapons and Mounts that could assist in the players ultimate achievement, becoming the Joust Champion.

My main tasks on the project revolved around one of the many mini-games featured in Jounty Jousting which was Archery. The Archery mini-game would place the player on their mount on the outskirts of town where they would have to shoot targets with their bow and arrow, it consisted of 3 different levels for each town. This was the first time I had ever worked on a team of more than 5 people and it was a huge learning experience.

My Contributions

  • Archery Mini-game (3rd person shooter)
  • Shooting Gallery Mini-game (1st person shooter)
  • Targets (that added score based on where it was hit)
  • Shattering physics
  • Controller and Keyboard friendly controls
  • Implementation of Art and Animations
  • UI Scoreboard
  • Level Design and Level Creation